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The first worldwide festival dedicated to source code, in presence and online between September 27 and October 5, 2021.
The Festival is open to everyone: to the world of education and research (students, teachers, scholars), to the world of programming (developers and entrepreneurs) and art (hackers, musicians, DJs, visual artists).
But above all it is aimed at the general public, to enthusiasts and curious, to all those who have heard of source code but do not know what it is.
At the center of the event is programming: a cultural phenomenon, as well as technological, of global importance but so far remained hidden.
CODEFEST is the Festival of culture of source code, of its history, of its future.
The Festival is organized in six areas: Artificial Languages, Digital Poetry, Code Writing, Code and Society, Heritage, Code Aesthetics.



Live coding events with SuperCollider

The first happening in the world of calligraphy on source code (with the artist Massimo Polello)

A virtual theater show dedicated to Ada Lovelace Byron

A series of meetings with internationally renowned speakers

The Source Code Exhibition realized together with the students of ITIS Avogadro of Turin

The opening of the Museum of the Source Code Online

...and more: workshops, seminars and meetings on writing, reading, and translating source code.

CODEFEST is a worldwide and open event: everything that happens during the Festival is accessible online to registered users through the website.

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News and events

08/10/2021 - Streaming event: Live Coding (TopLap).

07/10/2021 - Webinar: Don Eyles on Apollo Guidance System.

06/10/2021 - Streaming event: Hello, Ada! The virtual theater show dedicated to Ada Lovelace.

06/10/2021 - Streaming event: Live Coding SuperCollider.

29/09/2021 - Workshop: Calligraphic code (Massimo Polello).

9-10/6/2021 – "Hello World", the first cycle of lieders composed with pieces of programming code. In a world premiere, the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi (LaVerdi) will perform a work by Maestro Campogrande composed for the Festival.

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Artists, researchers from around the world meet to discuss art, culture, source code heritage


From calligraphy to historical code reading, from multimedia performance to esoteric languages

Movies and documentaries

A unique opportunity to see or review classics and documentaries

Streaming events

Concerts and virtual theater.

Organizers of CODEFEST :

Università di Torino: Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell'Educazione (capofila), Dipartimento di Fisica, Dipartimento di Informatica

Partners of CODEFEST:






IT Avogadro

Museo Piemontese dell’Informatica (MuPIn)

Centro Servizi Didattici di Torino (CeSeDi)

Conservatorio di Torino

Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico (AICA)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Associazione Gessetti Colorati

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